Granny Flats

Granny Flats in Sydney

Advanced Building Concepts specialises in home and granny flat construction projects. Our designs never fail to amaze and satisfy our clients. We’re proud that we’ve helped many Aussies build their granny flats in Sydney.

Granny Flats for All Ages

Granny flats aren’t only for your granny. These types of home additions are popular for their creative style and purpose. They provide extra space or room for those who want some level of privacy within their premises, and they work best with suburban and country homes.

You and your family will find serenity and independence in a self-contained property without leaving your own block. You can use a granny flat to do your own things, finish your office works, or entertain and house your guests. Granny flats are residential spaces equipped with traditional home features, such as kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

Our Granny Flats

Advanced Building Concepts designs and builds simple yet stylish granny flats. We match our creations with your existing home and garden to make a perfect combination of what you have and what we can add. We can build a durable and functional granny flat at the lowest cost possible. We’ll help you reduce your expenses without sacrificing the quality of the structure. Whether you want a small or large granny flat, we’ll provide a plan that will fit your taste and budget.

Design, Construction, and Support Service

We offer different granny flat designs that you can customise. If you have any design idea, just show it to us and we’ll talk about how we can use or improve it. We’ll assist you in planning and constructing your granny flat, and we’ll provide all the support you need.

Let’s build your own private space together. Contact us today so we can talk about your project as soon as possible.